Creative Center for Study Abroad

Study Abroad

Why are there so many students who want to study abroad but so few that actually go? The answer could be as simple as not knowing where to start. At CIEM-Edu, we understand that when dealing with foreign education the entire process from selecting the right country and institution to finally attending your first day at the institute, is a long and arduous one comprising of a multitude of tasks. CIEM-Edu ensures that we can go together with every student’s journey to their dream study destination with our fully support and assistance:

  • Identification of suitable country, university, and college as per student’s wish and capabilities.
  • Assistance with securing admissions.
  • Assistance with monetary constraints.
  • Coaching for qualifying examinations such as GRE, IELTS, TOEFL, GMAT, and SAT at Creative Center for Foreign Language.
  • Complete visa assistance from application preparation and submission to interview preparation and mock interviews.
  • Assistance with pre-departure tasks.

Summer Camp

We are the connecting bridge for youngsters who wish to approach, comprehend and acquire international knowledge and information by giving them helpful advises, educative and unforgettable trips. Let’s join our incredible summer to live a real local student life, experience the wonderful place where you go, join the adventure activities with your classmates. Our courses are varied and consist of fun, unique learning activities specifically designed to increase knowledge and understanding, instill confidence, and encourage social growth.